If anyone has any old trophies they would like to donate would you please bring them to Sandi or Dawn at the track? Thank you!


New Practice Day Policy

The PSGKA BOD has established a new non race day practice policy. Following is the new practice fee Schedule. All of the other tracks in the region where surveyed. PSGKA will continue to offer the most affordable practice days in the area. All drivers must present a current PSGKA membership card upon entry to the track or nonmember fee will apply. All crew members are required to obtain a pit pass while on the premises on practice days. All driver’s are required to have a drivers pass regardless of the number of Karts brought to the track. Nonmembers will be required to pay the nonmembers fee. Nonmembers can no longer sign in using a members card. Thank you for your cooperation.

Crewmember Pit Pass———- $ 5.00

Member Drivers Pass ———– $ 5.00

Nonmember Drivers Pass——– $40.00

Annual Club Membership——–  $300.00






The 2017 PSGKA Championship Race schedule is out. Please mark your calendars . PSGKA offers a 9 race program for 2017. The best seven of your nine races will count towards the championship. See you at the track in March.

March 26th

April 9th

May 7th

June 11th

July 9th in conjunction with PSGKA’s Gold Cup Race.

Gold Cup single day entry fee will apply or you can race the whole weekend for a little more.

August 13th

September 10th

October 1st

October 15th

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