Other Karting Expenses


Club and IKF Membership.

See the Join PSGKA page. $200 per year for club dues, $5 for a gate key and $50 to join the IFK. One of the advantages to the PSGKA is an open track policy for members regarding practice. ( during regular track operating hours)


An AMB transponder is required for scoring at all PSGKA events.  These can be rented on raceday at the track or purchased for around $250.

Initial and Ongoing Expenses for Kart Racers

Kart racing, while affordable still involves expense. In all forms of racing, the mantra is the same, “How fast do you want to go? How much do you want to spend?” Here are some typical expenses you should be prepared to shoulder if you want to go kart racing. As you get more involved (and want to win), you will spend more.

Race Vehicle Conveyance.

You will either need a trailer or a truck of some kind to get to the track, although occasionally karters arrive with their racing operation stuffed into a compact hatchback. Trailers cost from $400 to as much as $8000 for an enclosed 24-footer (more common than you might think).

A used 10-foot enclosed cargo trailer is about $2500. With an enclosed trailer, you can just park the whole operation after the race day and fall into bed (a huge advantage). Remember, you must carry your kart, all of your tools, and whatever else you might need at the track in your conveyance.

Pit Tent.

You will want a cover of some kind once you get to the track to protect you from the rain and sun. A 10-foot by 10-foot EZup or equivalent is between $100 and $200. Costco has become a good source for pit tents, as well as camping stores. Plan ahead to have some way to hold the tent down in windy conditions (sand bags, water jugs, old tires filled with cement).


Plan to spend about $200 to start if you have no tools (or are looking for an excuse to get some new ones)metric is the standard for all karts. Quarter-inch drive sockets, spanner wrenches, pliers, hammers, screw drivers and other tools are the minimum you will need. You will also need safety wire pliers and safety wire (found at most aircraft maintenance shops) as the rules call for many items to be safety wired. Cost for a roll of wire and the pliers are about $50. Check the Boeing Surplus Store for safety wire pliers at a discount.

Kart Stand

Handy for moving the karts around in the pits or retrieving a kart from the track.  It also beats working on the ground.  Used $100 New $200+

Entry Fees and Race Day Expenses.

Figure $100 per entry to race. This generally covers food, fuel, and entry fees, as well as a spare part or two. Expenses go up, of course, if you are involved in an accident or have mechanical failures. And if you want fresh tires each race day, add $175 or more.

Travel Expenses.

The Northwest offers plenty of opportunities to race out of town. If you are racing out of town you will need to add money for travel and lodging. Varies with location of the event.

Other Karting Expenses


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