History of the PSGKA
The PSGKA was started in January of 1959 with a meeting called by Joe Patrick at Rocky’s Barber Shop. The fledgling club leased ten acres of property on the Mountain Highway from George Farnsworth, putting in a 4-turn, 1/10 mile sprint course which was enlarged in 1960 to a 9-turn, 1/4-mile track. In 1961, with the financial help of Paul Sparks, the PSGKA purchased the track property from George Farnsworth. In 1971 the track was expanded to 3/8 mile, and in 1972 the pit area was enlarged, a concession stand was added.

In 1972 the PSGKA club hosted the first IKF West Sprint Winter National event. Since that time, the PSGKA has hosted many additional Sprint and Winter Nationals as well as other racing events. In 1967, with the help of the Cascade club, the PSGKA hosted the Road Race Grand Nationals at Seattle International Raceway (now known as Pacific Raceways) in Kent, and again hosted this event in 1980 with the help of several other Northwest clubs.

The PSGKA also formed a road race division, known as the Kent Enduro Association (KEA), as a joint effort with the Cascade and Everett clubs, who withdrew from the association in 1970. In 1985, the name of this section was changed to the PSGKA Road Race Division. Late in the 90s, the roadracing division split from the sprint division to form their own club, the Puget Sound Road Racing Association.

Recent decades have seen the complete resurfacing of the track (1991) and the repaving and reshaping in concrete of the turns (1996), as well as pit area and parking expansion. (2004) the track was lengthened to 1972 ft and the straightaway was straightened out and is now 552ft in length.

Additional improvements are continually being made by a dedicated group of volunteers and the PSGKA is well-established as one of the finest and most active karting clubs in the nation, providing quality family recreation and competition.