Attention – Track Closed until March 31st

Hello PSGKA Members,

Effective immediately and until March 31, the PSGKA track will be closed.  As further information emerges about the COVID-19 pandemic or further guidance is issued by state and local governments, this closure may be extended or access restricted beyond March 31.

At this point we have not cancelled the April 5 race event.  However, we will continue to review all new information and make a final decision about this race by Sunday, March 29.

The PSGKA Board is taking these steps to align with state and local government directives and guidance.  While our facility is not one of the industries called out directly to be closed under recent health orders, it is a non-essential function that is in a general category directed to close.  Continuing to operate under the current conditions puts our members and caretaker at risk.  To the greatest extent, we want to be part of the community-wide solution, not a potential cause for further state and local restrictions.

We, the PSGKA Board, understand that you and your families are going to be looking for opportunities to get outside and resume normal life again.  We want this too, and by taking this step now, hopefully we can keep ourselves safe and get back to our regular routines and kart racing sooner rather than later.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.  Please feel free to reach out to me with your questions, concerns, and suggestions.

Jeff Westlund


One thought on “Attention – Track Closed until March 31st

  1. Hey you guys call them when they are open until next week because my friend want to go for fun have a great visit

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