PSGKA 2020 Race Schedule has been announced!

2020 Schedule

PSGKA is excited to announce the 2020 race calendar.
Our race calendar includes 9 club races (including a double header), a test and tune date in March, and a PSGKA hosted NWKA  regional race series event.
Some of our events will be on Saturday, as well as track clean up days, so please take a close look at the calendar below!
  • March 15th –  Test & Tune
  • March 22nd –  PSGKA Race #1
  • April 5th –  PSGKA Race #2
  • May 2nd and 3rd – PSGKA Race #3 & #4
  • June 6th –  (Saturday) PSGKA Race #5
  • June 7th – (Sunday) Track cleanup and NWKA race series prep day
  • June 12th – 6/14 NWKA Regional Race
  • July 12th  – PSGKA Race #6
  • August 16th –  PSGKA Race #7
  • September 13th –  PSGKA Race #8
  • October 4th –  PSGKA Race #9

We’re excited to host these races in 2020, and looking forward to seeing all of the racers!

Volunteers in 2020 needed-  Volunteers are the backbone that help our club function and events runs smoothly.  They are always needed to help at events and preparations.

Any racers looking to volunteer for the coming season (as a corner marshal, helping with track clean up, etc.) please reach out to at any time.

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