Important! Club Meeting on 10/15


Hello PSGKA Club Members,

We have two critical topics to discuss at our upcoming October 15, membership meeting:
1) Election of club officers
2) Collection of input for the NWKA conference.
For the officers and trustees positions, we already have a number of nominations.  However, we will accept additional nominations at this meeting right up until we cast votes.  This is your chance to help build the leadership team you would like to see at PSGKA.
Please come to volunteer for a position (if you like).  If you have questions about the demands of a position, give me a call or talk to one of the current officers/trustees.  Whether you are interested in a position or not, please come to vote for your preferred candidate.
Please bring your ideas for rule changes to club leaders who will be representing you at the Northwest Karting Association (NWKA) conference in November.
The rules from the NWKA conference directly affect our club rules (as we typically align with them).  The conversation at this meeting among club members is super valuable to bringing members into alignment, coming up with the best solutions (which makes leaders’ jobs much easier!), and making sure leaders represent you accurately.
If you cannot attend our October 15, meeting, please reach out Jack, me, or another PSGKA officer or trustee to voice your concerns and offer suggestions.
As always, our club meetings are held in the board room at the Poodle Dog restaurant in Fife at 7pm.  Please make time in your busy schedule to attend this critical meeting.
Thanks in advance for your ongoing support,
Jeff Westlund

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