Important PSGKA Club Updates – May 2019!

Hello PSGKA racers and fans,
With the May race behind us, we are already nearly half way through the 2019 season!  The May event continued the great turnout we’ve seen at each of our events this year.  Thanks to all of you who have made it out to the races.

Become a PSGKA Club Member for 2019 to get Championship Points!

As a reminder, if you want your points for these first four races to count toward the season championship — if you haven’t already done so — please sign up to be a PSGKA member before June 1st.
After June 1st, we will be posting 2019 championship points totals (only for members as of June 1). You can find the membership form online at

Track Records are now online!

Track records are now posted at  Scroll to the bottom of the page to find the latest records.  Track records haven’t been recorded since we made changes to the track configuration (esp. turn 3 and upgraded curbing in key turns), so you’ll see that all the records are very recent.
This is your chance to set one!

Recent changes on site! *Please read*

We have recently implemented some changes to race-day pit access.  You’ve probably noticed that we have installed a new gate at the restrooms and have been keeping the vehicle access gates closed at the highway and at the restrooms when the track is live (9:00 AM to end of racing).
These changes are to help control access to the restricted areas of the track, and to keep spectators without pit passes from accidentally entering the restricted areas.  Please do your part by keeping the gates closed while the track is live.
Finally, with growing participation on race days, we can no longer allow personal vehicles to remain parked in the gravel pit area.  Please park your vehicles in the back lot and leave this area clear for racers to use as pit area.
Thanks for your support as we make these changes.
See you at the races!
Jeff Westlund

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