Club Volunteers Needed – 2018 End of Year Banquet

Hello all,

We’re currently getting prepared for the 2018 End of Year Banquet. We’re looking for volunteers to help setup and coordinate the event location, in advance. The volunteers will be working with the board to help get what resources and assistance that they would need, and helping with some of the setup on the day of the banquet. (IE: Tables, coordinating the potluck, etc.)

At the moment, the banquet date is set for January 13th at Grand Prix in Lakewood,WA, so there is a little of time tor volunteers to sign up.  If you’re interested in helping, you could do a few things.

  1. Come to the general membership meeting at the Poodle Dog on November 13th.
  2.  Leave a note via the Contact Us form on the website, and let us know that you’d able to help out.
  3. Reach out to one of the board members, and let them know that you’re interested in helping!
  4. Leave a note on our Facebook page, and we’ll reach out to you as well.

We appreicate your help in advance, as it helps us celebrate a successful 2018 season together!



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