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PSGKA Club Race series 2013 Schedule
April 7
May 5
June 2
July 14
August 18
September 29
October 13
PSGKA Gold Cup
June 7,8,9

Vintage Race
* Designated memorial race

* Saturday Race

Timing and scoring on race days is performed using a transponder system. Racers must either own an appropriate transponder or rent one from the Club for the day.
A permanant magnetic strip has been installed in the track for data acquisition systems. On race day, the Race Director will allow a SINGLE trackside infrared beacon located at the magnetic strip, oriented eastward toward the scoring house from the infield. Multiple beacons will not be allowed unless they are of a different frequency (for a different system).


For more info check

IKF Region 6 Road Race


Note: Host tracks closed for practice to Gold Cup competitors the four days prior to Gold Cup races. Friday of the race weekend is the official practice day.
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