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    Name:  Taylor Drinkwine 
    Birth date:  Jan. 10 1993 
    Class(s):  TAG JR
    Kart Number(s):  83z 


    Engine: LEOPARD  
    How long racing:  since i wuz 7  
    Favorite race track:  Pat's Acres  
    Hometown: Parkland 
    Favorite Driver:  My Daddy, sometimes 
    Why / What got me into racing:  My dad talked to one of these guys at work and they asked him if hes ever tried karting. But before I told him that I wanted to do something as in finding something I will like to do. So he let me try out a kid-kart from his friends at work, and as soon as i got out of that kart i said..."I want to go faster!"  
    Hobbies / Interests:  Im am basicaly a triple threat. Im into acting, singing, and dancing. Im in chior at skewl, and i've been in dance classes ever since i wuz 3. But other than that I do a lot of sports at skewl.  
    Advice to new racers:  Fallow behind some racers with more xpirence and watch their lines. You also need a LOT of seat time. But most of all have fun!!  
    Advice for not-so-new racers:  Dont get cocky.  
    Favorite race conditions:  I dont kno y but I luv racing in the rain!!! I kno its weird.  
    Favorite Food:  Pretty much Italian  

     PSGKA Career Feature Wins at Mountain Hi-Way Raceway

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