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PSGKA is a non-profit corporation made up of members who pay yearly dues. Dues are paid on January 1 of each year. Current dues are $200. Memberships include all members of a family living in the same household. All drivers must be members.
If you have questions about the membership form or joining, email the PSGKA Treasurer.

Members of PSGKA are permitted to use the club track, located at 247th and the Mountain Highway, Tacoma, WA according to the practice schedule, if they have a key. Keys are obtainable for an additional $5. All use of the Club track facility must be within the limits of the club rules.

Membership form Downloads
Click on the form, print, fill out and mail it in.

Download the PSGKA Application ( print, fill out form and mail in )
Download the IKF Membership Application ( fill out, print form and mail in )
Download the IKF Minor Release Form
Download the IKF Shifter License Application
Download the IKF Membership Form Instruction Sheet
Download the IKF TAG license Application
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